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Anresco Passes the Emerald Proficiency Test for Cannabis Laboratories



After participating in Emerald Scientific’s “The Emerald Test®” this past Fall, Anresco Laboratories is proud to announce our proficiency and dependability when performing potency and residual solvent testing.

What is “The Emerald Test®”?

Hosted by Emerald Scientific, The Emerald Test® is an Inter-laboratory Comparison Proficiency Testing (ILC/PT) program for evaluating how accurately testing labs perform, by comparing how well the lab measures an anonymous sample. These programs are the standard in many testing industries, including environmental, food, pharmaceutical, water, petrochemical, and others. The results provide a benchmark for the industry in general, by elucidating how well the labs perform collectively. The data can also be used by the individual labs to demonstrate proficiency to their customers, or used internally to identify areas in need of improvement. The ILC/PT is often used by state regulatory bodies as a component of certification programs, and is commonly a requirement for various ISO certifications. Finally, the results provide a measure of assurance and reliability to the industry as a whole, and particularly to those who depend on the testing lab’s results for safety, health, and product performance.