Cannabis Trimmings

07 Jan: Effect of Storage Conditions on the Potency of Cannabinoids in Cannabis Trimmings

Anresco studied the cannabinoid content of cannabis trimmings under different storage conditions over the period of a year to determine effects on degradation. Thermal rather than photodegradation was found to be the more significant pathway for reduced potential THC. Additionally, the most significant reductions in potential THC occurred in the first 30 days, regardless of storage conditions.
Hand Sanitizer Testing

14 Jul: FDA Warns of Methanol Found in Hand Sanitizer

On July 2, 2020, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a public warning regarding an increase in hand sanitizer products found to contain methanol but labeled as containing ethanol or isopropanol. Read more to learn about safety and efficacy issues with hand sanitizers currently on the market.
Contaminant Analysis

26 Oct: Contaminant Analysis of Illicit vs Regulated Market Extracts

Anresco analyzed a series of illicit market samples and found most were adulterated with high levels of vitamin e acetate — a compound frequently linked to the recent vaping crisis. Additionally, all samples failed the California BCC’s limits for pesticides, in some cases at hundreds of times the permitted level.
SF Legacy Business

26 Sep: Anresco Awarded Legacy Business Status

Anresco Labertories was awarded 'legacy business' status in San Francisco. Legacy Businesses are longstanding community-serving businesses that are recognized as valuable cultural assets to San Francisco by the Office of Small Business.