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  • 1 Experienced - Anresco Laboratories has performed FDA Detention Without Physical Examination import testing since 1981 and general analytical testing since 1943.
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  • 3 Accredited and Registered - Anresco is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and is registered with both the FDA and DEA.
  • 4 Comprehensive - Anresco performs almost every analysis required by the FDA and provides nationwide sampling.

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So Your Product Is Detained, Now What?

Having products detained by the FDA can add stress and uncertainty to your operations. Below are step-by-step
directions to get them released in a timely manner.

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    When you receive notice that your product is under detention, contact your Anresco customer service representative in your preferred language (e.g. English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, more). Provide your rep a copy of the FDA notice as well as the shipping documents for the detained entry. He/she will arrange for a sampler to come to your warehouse, store, or cold storage facility as soon as possible.

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    When the sampler arrives at your facility, you will need to take him/her to where the detained product is being held. The sampler will take representative samples of the product per FDA guidelines. This entails taking pictures of the shipment, selecting a predetermined number of boxes/bags without bias, opening up and taking samples from each, and recording actions taken and observations made. After the samples have been taken, they will be driven or shipped to a nearby Anresco location.

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    When the samples arrive at our facility the clock starts ticking. Our normal turnaround time is 10 business days from receipt of samples, though for some analyses it is longer or shorter. The analyses can be turned around quicker for a "rush" surcharge. Often times the expected completion of the analyses will occur after the FDA deadline. In this case we will provide you a copy of the collection report and you will file an extension with the FDA.

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    Once the analysis is completed we will determine whether the product is likely to meet FDA requirements, fail them, or is on the borderline. Most importers ask us to forward passing reports directly to the FDA to get them reviewed ASAP. If the result is borderline or likely to fail then we ask the importer how they want us to proceed. Completed reports can be viewed via our client portal 24/7/365.

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    It the product is deemed not in violation of the terms of its detention the FDA will "release" it for sale to the general public!

    Please note that Anresco cannot guarantee that positive results will result in a release (though that has generally been our experience). Every FDA import district has its own unique requirements and enforcement can be arbitrary at times.


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