Sample Size Requirements


AnalysisFlowerConcentrateLiquid-Infused ProductSolid-Infused Product
Potency Profile1.0 gram0.5 grams0.5 grams1 serving size
(10 gram minimum)
Terpene Profile1.0 gram0.5 grams0.5 grams
Pesticide Residue Screen1.0 gram0.5 grams0.5 grams1 serving size
(10 gram minimum)
Residual Solvent Test0.5 grams0.5 grams
Microbiological Test3.0 grams1.0 grams2.0 grams10.0 grams
Heavy Metals Screen5.0 grams5.0 grams5.0 grams5.0 grams
Nutritional Label75.0 grams75.0 grams
Shelf Life Study1 serving size
(per testing period)
1 serving size
(per testing period)

Note: These are the minimum sample amounts needed to perform each analysis. Keep in mind that the more sample you provide, the more representative your sample will be, and thus the more accurate your results will be. Additionally, submitting more than the minimum amount of sample will allow us to retest your sample should the need arise.