24 Mar: The City of Gonzales Council has introduced an ordinance making the selling of Kratom illegal.

An ordinance making the selling of Mitragyna Speciosa Korth (Kratom) a criminal misdemeanor within the city was introduced at the Gonzales City Council meeting on Monday. According to Captain Steven Nethken of the Gonzales Police Department, the law is similar to one that was already in effect in the city and was enacted by the Ascension Parish Council. The city legislation will make it easier for city law enforcement to enforce.

24 Mar: Senators from both parties have filed a bill to relax restrictions on industrial hemp farmers.

A plan to loosen laws on farmers who cultivate industrial hemp for non-extraction uses has been introduced by a bipartisan pair of U.S. senators. The Industrial Hemp Act, which was unveiled on Thursday by Senators Jon Tester (D-MT) and Mike Braun (R-IN), is the most recent piece of legislative legislation to address the crop, which was made legal by the 2018 Farm Bill.

24 Mar: Senators from Nevada debate the legalization of psilocybin in committee, including an amendment to raise the possession limit.

On Thursday, Nevada senators held a hearing on a bill to legalize the possession of psilocybin. During the hearing, senators discussed a proposed amendment to remove provisions for therapeutic use and heard voluminous testimony from advocates and specialists, including an assemblyman who shared his own experience with ketamine treatment.
Cannabis Testing

09 Feb: Is Your Cannabis Testing Lab Fully Accredited? It Matters.

Once viewed merely as a marketing tool by many in the cannabis game, third party lab testing has now become an essential part of the marketplace as new research into the plant is revealing the potential health risks that could come along with cutting corners during the cultivation or manufacturing processes.

Cannabis Testing

30 Aug: What’s The Matter With California Cannabis?

The greatest threat standing in the way of California’s march toward legalized marijuana isn’t Attorney General Jeff Sessions or Big Pharma. It’s the cannabis industry itself. Proof positive is hidden behind the glass-and-concrete walls of a low-slung building on an otherwise nondescript block of warehouses and auto body shops in Hunters Point.