The terms and conditions of the contract between Anresco, Inc., hereby referred to as Anresco Laboratories, are set out below. These terms and conditions supercedes any previous conversations or written memoranda between Anresco Laboratories and the involved parties. Any commitment by Anresco Laboratories representatives or agents is only valid if accompanied by a written, signed confirmation by Anresco Laboratories on Anresco Laboratories letterhead. No contract exists in the absence of such documentation.

A customer order will only be valid with written documentation from the customer. Written documentation must be on Customer letterhead or on the Anresco Laboratories Chain of Custody form available from Anresco Laboratories. The customer order must include specific instructions, contact persons name, phone number, address and any special requirements.
Phone or e-mail orders must be confirmed by written documentation. In the absence of written documentation, Anresco Laboratories is not responsible for the selection of the test procedures used for the affected samples and customer assumes all responsibility.

Each customer order is a new contract and not subject to the same commercial considerations of any previous contracts with the same customer. These considerations include, but are not limited to, price and turnaround time.

Anresco Laboratories reserves the right to amend any information provided in Anresco Laboratories advertising or price lists, Website or other written or digital materials at any time. Such material in no way commits Anresco Laboratories

Mission Statement:

ANRESCO Laboratories is dedicated to providing the highest quality analytical data that is defendable, ethical, accurate and independent. Our commitment is supported by effective quality systems, current technology, technical expertise and efficient customer service.

Suggestions for sample submission:
  • Provide representative samples of the products to be analyzed. Results apply only to the samples submitted. Provide estimated levels if known, especially for added nutrients.
  • Provide specific written instructions. Clearly label and identify each of the samples. Submissions may be made on an ANRESCO Analysis Request form, on your company letterhead or on your company purchase order. Please include sample identification, written instructions, and a list of analyses to be performed for each sample.
  • Please state serving size and package net weight for nutritional labeling.
  • Package and ship samples promptly. For perishable samples, freeze and ship in dry ice if possible. Please try to ship the samples early in the week so the samples do not arrive on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Call for assistance at 1-800-359-0959 if there are any other questions.

The Anresco Laboratories price list is offered as a guide for customers and potential customers, but is subject to change at any time. It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm pricing before services are started. Shipping charges are not included and will be added to the cost of services.

Payment Policy:

Prepayment is required for first time OR in-active customers prior to releasing results.
Payment terms are net 30 days of invoice date.
Third party billing: A signed authorization must be received from the party being billed for their service.
A late charge of 1.5% per month late charge may be added to all unpaid balance.
Delinquent accounts may be served on a C.O.D. basis.
Accounts delinquent 90 days will be scheduled for collection.


Discounts are based on the number of samples at one time or over a period of time and the number of tests per sample. For certain studies or large volume situations greater discounts may be offered. Discounts are subject to change at any time, at the discretion of Anresco Laboratories.

Turnaround time: ~10 – 15 Working days from receipt.

Turnaround times are meant to serve as a generic guide for routine sample analysis. Customers should recognize that certain conditions can impact sample turnaround time, i.e. excessive sample backlog, complexity of testing, personnel changes, equipment failure, etc. Anresco Laboratories is not responsible for adhering to turnaround times. Any loss suffered by customer or any third party due to delay in reporting test results is not the responsibility of Anresco.

Receipt and Storage of samples:

Analytical samples are stored frozen, refrigerated or at room temperature upon receipt. Storage conditions are based on instructions supplied by the customer, or is based on the nature of the sample matrix. Samples will be retained for a period of 30 days after reporting results. Perishable samples will be retained for a minimum of 5 working days. If your sample needs to be retained for a period longer than the above examples, please contact our Laboratory Director. Storage fees may apply for long-term stability studies. Hazardous material
samples will be accepted for analysis under the condition that they can be returned to customer. A return fee or disposal charge may be added to the analysis fee.

Limit of Liability:

Anresco shall not be liable for any lost, damage or delay during shipping. Anresco’s liability for any failure in our analytical work (quality, timelines etc…). is the amount charged by Anresco for the work.

Records Retention:

Reports, records and laboratory notebooks will be held for no less than 5 years from the time the data was generated. The 5-year holding time for records applies in general to all regular sample related records. For cGMP analyses, the record retention requirements are no less than 5 years from the time the data was generated or are based on the expiration date and/or distribution dates of the product.


All results, information and reports are strictly confidential and the property of the customer contracting the services of ANRESCO Laboratories. No results, information or reports are released to a third party without the permission of the customer. Access to ANRESCO is limited to authorized personnel and strict confidentiality is maintained in all interactions with customers. Mutual non-disclosure agreements are executed upon request.


Anresco evaluates its capabilities, resources, and capacity before work is accepted for testing. At times, when Anresco sees fit and necessary, it may outsource a portion of or the entire analysis requested by a customer. In such an event, Anresco will maintain its responsibility for the quality of a subcontractor’s work. For analyses within its scope of accreditation, Anresco will select from its approved list of subcontractors, which are labs accredited for ISO/IEC 17025:2005 or otherwise deemed be competent to perform such work. The only exception to Anresco being responsible for the work is when a customer or regulatory authority specifies a subcontracted laboratory. This option is available to all customers on the Customer Service Agreement.