Over 70 years of analytical testing experience

Food Testing

vt Anresco provides comprehensive food testing services including microbiological, chemical, pesticide residue, filth, and nutritional analyses. A main focus of our company is import testing related to FDA’s Detention Without Physical Examination Program (DWPE). We have a network of samplers across the country and branch offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Fort Lauderdale for this purpose.

Cannabis Testing

Anresco now provides comprehensive analytical services to the cannabis industry including cannabinoid & terpenoid profiling, microbiological testing, pesticide residue screening, heavy metals analysis, nutritional labeling, and shelf life testing.  Unlike many cannabis-only laboratories, Anresco is ISO 17025 accredited, FDA registered, and has a proven track record of accurate results.  For clarity in the quality and potency of your cannabis and cannabis-infused products, trust in the our expertise — crafted more than 73 years.

Accessible Expertise

Anresco employs some of the most experienced and skilled food chemists in the world.  Our section supervisors and laboratory co-directors average over twenty years of experience in food chemistry each.  And unlike other laboratories, we put you directly in touch with the analyst who worked on your sample.

Our Staff
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Our Staff
Our Staff

A History of Excellence

Anresco Laboratories was founded in 1943 by Dr. Sylvan Eisenberg, a PhD Physical Chemist (Stanford University) interested in increasing “the stock and store of human knowledge.”  Its name was created as an acronym for ANalysis, RESearch, COnsulting.  Since its founding, Anresco has been a pioneer in the pesticide residue testing industry, a leader in FDA DWPE import testing and sampling, and become ISO 17025 accredited.  Learn about Anresco’s corporate history via an interactive timeline by clicking below.