Food Safety Consulting

Food Safety Consulting

Anresco Laboratories now offers full-service consultancy services to assist clients evaluate and validate key aspects of their food safety systems in the following food & beverage categories:

Fruit and Vegetable Processing: Pre-cut, Juice, Fermented Beverages, Nutritional Juice blends and drinks

Produce Industry: Growing, Production, Pack House Operations, Wholesaling and Distribution

Meat & Poultry: Production, Capture, Harvest, Boning, Further Processing and Ready-to-eat products from Chicken, Turkey, Beef and Pork.

Dairy Food Processing: Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, other Dairy byproducts

Food Ingredients Manufacturing: Flavors, Spices, Seasonings and other food ingredients.

HACCP Plan Validation

Crisis Management

Food Safety Training

Risk Management

Anresco’s food consulting services are headed by Nari Nayini, PhD, a Registered Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Consultant with expertise in root cause analysis, establishing and reviewing Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points plans (HACCP), and guiding companies to prepare for and successfully meet SQF certifications.

Dr. Nayini has earned a Ph.D. in Food Science and Nutrition at Michigan State University. With over 30 years of food industry experience, Dr. Nayini has led teams in product, process, new technology development, and food safety programs at Columbus Foods, Praxair, Inc., Griffith Foods, Tyson Foods, and PepsiCo.